Are there any scholarships specifically tailored for non-traditional students?

Hey guys, I need some advice on finding scholarships. I just got accepted into a community college and I’ll be going part-time. I’ve been struggling to find scholarships for non-traditional students like myself. I graduated from high school back in 2015.
Any recommendations or tips?

Hit up Scholarships360 for a fab list of 48 scholarships just for folks who’ve taken a different path to college. They’re all about helping you find the right fit without the fuss. And hey, don’t be shy to share your story when you apply – it’s what sets you apart!

Best wishes! A community college can help you achieve your objectives. Fear not—there are many of scholarships available to non-traditional students. Seek out prizes aimed at re-enrolling students, adults, and job changers. Scholarship websites and financial aid offices frequently provide dedicated filters for these categories. Wishing you luck!