Brower Youth Award scholarship

Hello, I am a freshman who has matriculated to college but is currently on a gap year/leave of absence. What types of scholarships should I begin exploring? Are there scholarships available similar to the Coca-Cola or Gates Foundation Scholarship specifically for freshmen or individuals on a gap year? Additionally, can I still apply for scholarships related to standardized testing?

Here are a few to consider:

  1. USA Gap Year Fairs Student Ambassador Scholarship
  2. Rustic Pathways Scholarships
  3. EF Gap Year Awards
  4. Travel Access Project Gap Year Grants
  5. Carpe Diem Education Scholarships
  6. InterExchange Christianson Grant
  7. The Pollination Project
  8. Back a Gapper Scholarship
  9. Global Citizen Year Scholarships
  10. Up With People
  11. CIEE’s Global Navigator Scholarship
  12. ISA (International Studies Abroad) Gap Year Grant
  13. HI USA Explore The World Scholarships
  14. Omprakash’s Ethical Global Engagement Grant Program Scholarship
    16Brower Youth Awards
  15. Winterline Global Education
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