Can you get a scholarship for being left-handed?

I’m ambidextrous and saw some scholarships for left-handed people. Can I apply for these, or am I not eligible because I also use my right hand?

Please don’t ask which hand I use more; it depends on the activity. I’m not trying to be rude; I’ve just heard that question too many times.

Yes, you can apply for scholarships for left-handed individuals even if you’re ambidextrous. These scholarships generally focus on supporting left-handed use, so occasional use of your right hand shouldn’t affect your eligibility. It’s worth checking each scholarship’s specific requirements to be sure.

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Depending on the inquiry, I believe. Is it morally right? Most likely not, as those scholarships are awarded to left-handed individuals in recognition of their difficulties (being left-handed can even lead to accidents, death, etc., as our world is mostly made for right-handed people). You have an edge since you can use both hands, which is fantastic. Is it possible to accomplish this? Indeed. It is acceptable to claim that you use your left hand for writing and other duties, even if you only occasionally use it for those purposes.

Indeed, you are eligible to apply for left-handed scholarships. Regardless of your ability to utilize both hands, you meet the requirements for ambidextrousness since you exhibit left-handedness.