Can you get a scholarship for cheerleading?

Hi, I’m in 10th grade and I’m looking for an international college scholarship for cheerleading. I really need to find a good scholarship program. Does anyone know any good ones that can help me?

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H Barbara, Yes, it is possible to get a scholarship for cheerleading at some colleges and universities, particularly at schools where cheerleading is considered a competitive sport or a significant part of the school’s athletic program.

My nephew received a cheerleading scholarship in college. It was a four-year programme, although not even close to D1 level. And it was certainly not a full ride, but every little bit counts.

Hey Barbara, you can get a scholarship for cheerleading by Develop your cheerleading skills in tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dance. Demonstrate your abilities through competitions, showcases, or cheerleading camps.

Certainly! Scholarships for cheerleading are available at certain colleges and universities, especially those where cheerleading is recognized as a competitive sport or plays a prominent role within the school’s athletic program.

Yes, Barbara cheerleading does qualify you for scholarships. Scholarships for collegiate cheerleading are available from organizations such as the United States All-Star Federation, USA Cheer, NCA, and UCA.

Yes, they do exist. Most colleges offer scholarships that cover part of the tuition, but schools with well-known competitive cheer teams provide full tuition scholarships. The University of Kentucky gives in-state tuition scholarships to sixteen of the twenty-one cheerleaders, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa gives full tuition scholarships to about 14 cheerleaders. If you want to go this route, consider joining a competitive cheer team. Many gymnastics centers now offer competitive cheer programs, which can give your daughter a taste of cheerleading and an advantage if she wants to pursue it.

When I was in 10th grade and looking for international college scholarships for cheerleading, I felt overwhelmed at first. I started by speaking with my school’s guidance counselor, who suggested focusing on colleges in the U.S. known for strong cheerleading programs. I found that many universities, like the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville, offer substantial scholarships for talented cheerleaders. Additionally, organizations like Varsity Spirit provide scholarships and host competitions where top performers can earn financial awards. I also joined cheerleading forums and reached out to current college cheerleaders for advice. They recommended creating a standout highlight reel and maintaining good grades, as many scholarships consider academic performance as well. This approach helped me secure a scholarship that made attending college abroad a reality.