Gov scholarship for SMART?

This fall, I’ll be majoring in geology at college, and I got an email about the SMART scholarship. It’s a full tuition scholarship; the only requirement is that you must work for the Department of Defense for the same number of years that it takes to earn a civilian job. I would really appreciate it if someone could answer a few questions I have regarding it. These are the queries I have:

1.How competitive is it to win the scholarship?

2.What does it entail to be a civilian in the DoD? Is this more government work, or am I helping the military?

3.If I were a geology major, what would I do? Maybe oil or mapping?

4.Since I wouldn’t be a recent college graduate, would working as a civilian make it extremely difficult for me to obtain employment in my major afterwards?

5.How ethically repugnant is it to be a civilian in the DoD? I would prefer not to help in harming others (I mean no disrespect to veterans; you’re far stronger than I will ever be).

During my time in the SMART Scholarship Program, I received full tuition coverage and fees for my education, which was a significant financial relief. Additionally, I was provided with a stipend to cover my living expenses, which helped me focus on my studies without the added stress of financial concerns.