Has Anyone Looked Into the Hispanic Scholarship Fund?

Hey Peeps,

I’m exploring scholarship options and came across the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Has anyone here applied for it or received it? How was the application process, and did it help significantly with your education costs? Any experiences would be appreciated. Thanks…

Looking forward to your feedback…

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The Hispanic Scholarship Fund provides college scholarships to Hispanic students. It sounds like an excellent choice for you to consider! To see if you qualify, visit their website in January and see if the application is available. In general, you must have good grades (a B average in high school and a C+ in college), be a US citizen or permanent resident, and be enrolled full-time. During the application process, you may be required to submit your report cards, financial aid paperwork, and recommendations from professors. Winning this scholarship can significantly reduce the cost of attending college.

On the 21st, I received an email confirming my acceptance as an HSF Scholar along with three instructions to follow:

Send in the letter of financial aid award.

Fill out the enrollment verification form.

then send in your HSF Scholar Pledge.

Nothing regarding a scholarship (a financial prize) or anything similar was mentioned. Does that imply that I won’t be paid anything? :sob: