How can I effectively show financial need for scholarships?

Hey guys! So, I’ve been checking out some scholarships, and a bunch of them mention needing to show financial need. What exactly does that entail, and how do I know if I qualify?

My EFC number is pretty high, but it doesn’t reflect our actual financial situation accurately. We’d have to dip into investments big time to cover college costs, especially with my younger siblings coming up in the future. So, I’m really relying on scholarships here.

Any insights?

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Well, typically, they’d ask for your FAFSA, tax docs, or have you fill out a form about your parents’ income. If your EFC seems off, it’s worth reaching out to a rep from the scholarship program and explaining your situation. Unless they specify exactly what they need in the scholarship info, it can be a bit unclear.

I’d say, if you can swing it, go ahead and apply anyway. Worst case scenario, you get turned down, and you’re back where you started. I actually tried that once myself. Got denied for a scholarship because my finances seemed too high, but because my application was strong, they ended up putting me in their leaders network, which comes with all the perks but no cash — still better than nothing!