How many scholarships are you all applying?

It would also be great if some people can give a rough estimate on how many scholarships they’ve applied for before receiving money.

I’ve applied to around 50 scholarships since fall and got rejected from 5 and haven’t heard back from the rest.

I’m planning to apply for around 60 scholarships next month.

it’s getting pretty stressful for an overloaded senior atm.

how many should i apply before actually just quitting?

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You’re working hard by applying for many scholarships, which is commendable, but I know it can feel overwhelming.

Here’s some advice to help you handle the process more smoothly and keep things in perspective.

Keep Perspective

Remember, many scholarships get hundreds of applications, so not hearing back from most of them is pretty common.

A few rejections don’t mean you’re not good enough.

Managing Applications

You’ve already applied for 50 and plan to apply for 60 more. It’s good to apply to many, but make sure each application is well-crafted and specific to the scholarship.

This can increase your chances more than sending out generic applications.

When to Stop

There’s no specific number of scholarships you should apply for before stopping.

Focus on applying for those that fit your profile and where you meet all the requirements.

Instead of focusing on a number, think about managing your time and ensuring you’re not getting too stressed.

Additional Strategies

  • Prioritize: Choose scholarships that match your background or interests, especially those with less competition.
  • Reuse and Tailor: You can use parts of your previous essays for new applications, but tweak each to fit the scholarship.
  • Get Feedback: Having someone else look over your applications can improve them and increase your chances of success.

Emotional and Mental Management

  • Set Realistic Expectations: Not winning doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Each application is a chance to learn and improve.
  • Balance Your Load: Keep the balance between your applications, schoolwork, and personal time to avoid burning out.
  • Celebrate Small Wins: Be proud of each application you finish. It’s a step forward.

Keep going with persistence, but also take care of yourself. If it gets too stressful, it might help to take a short break and come back with a fresh perspective and maybe a new approach.

50 applications in a month seems very ambitious.

Pace yourself - you may burn out.

Aim to craft 10-15 really strong applications per week that you’re proud of.

If you are curious about the proportion of college athletes who receive full-ride scholarships, it is worth noting that only approximately 0.1% of all U.S. university students are granted full funding.