How trustworthy is Fastweb for finding scholarships?

Hey guys, I’m a junior in high school heading into my senior year, and like everyone else, I’ve been thinking about applying for scholarships. I came across this website called Fastweb through TikTok, and I signed up right away to start searching for scholarships. But now I’m having doubts, I’m not sure if this website is trustworthy or if it might be a scam. If any of you have any advice or experiences with Fastweb, I’d really appreciate hearing them!


Up to now, I’ve used Niche, Scholarships 360, and Cappex. From my experience, Fastweb stands out as the most effective in matching scholarships to my profile. It offers a greater number of essay-based scholarships compared to other sites, which often feature poorly matched scholarships that mainly serve as advertisements for other websites. Fastweb provides a wider variety of scholarships that suit my needs better. Additionally, I find the website to be more user-friendly and straightforward.

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Hello, Flippa. I believe that websites such as Fastweb are useful for locating outside scholarships, but I would avoid those where you simply input your email address and are entered into a random drawing.

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Fastweb is generally trustworthy for finding scholarships but verify offers and check for legitimate opportunities before applying or sharing information.

For more than 25 years, students have been using Fastweb, a renowned and trustworthy scholarship search engine, to obtain financial aid for their studies. Because of this, it draws a sizable candidate pool each year, which makes the scholarship competition fierce.