Is Unigo legit?

Does anyone know if Unigo is trustworthy for scholarships? I haven’t heard much about people using the site.

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I would say that it seems legit. I would be worried if they did not have a website to back up their claims. From their website, it looks like its a legit source of finding good scholarships

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Yes, Unigo is a trustworthy resource for scholarships.

Unigo has been around since 1999 and is owned by a well-established company in the education sector

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@Jason They are authentic. The majority of their products were first developed by, which Unigo purchased a number of years ago. This is not a haphazard drawing. As the essay will be used to determine the winner, make sure everything you submit is original, imaginative, and grammatically accurate.

I can vouch for Unigo. It’s a legit site, been around for a while now. They connect you with a bunch of scholarship opportunities, and while I haven’t won any myself, a friend of mine actually scored a decent chunk of money for textbooks through one of their monthly writing contests. So yeah, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Indeed, UNIGO is a genuine organization, as are the scholarships we offer via it.