Jack kent cooke css

Hello, I am a semifinalist for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship. I called them yesterday because I had trouble submitting my C.S.S. profile and I was having issues. This afternoon, I received an email from them informing me that they had already checked my profile and noticed the change I had made. I’m just a little anxious because, if they have already looked it over, I feel like I’ve been rejected. But, I’m not sure what everyone thinks. Sorry, I think too much.

The fact that they noticed your profile change and reached out is a positive sign. It shows they are engaged with your application. Stay positive and good luck.

We might be in touch with you to request further materials, so please keep checking your email. Unless we specifically ask for it, you do not currently required to furnish us with any further information. Recipients will be informed before the end of March.
Team for Outreach and Selection
The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation