Legit places to find scholarships


Instead of sites like bold.org, I am seeking for ones where individuals genuinely win money. A site where you have a good chance to win and you don’t have to submit absurd quantities of information and write 3 essays.

Thank you for any assistance.


going merry its one of the websites you need to try it out

Number One Place: The financial aid office at your college or university is a great resource for finding scholarships. They can help you find scholarships that are specific to your school and major.

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Hello, finding scholarships can be a vital step in reducing the financial burden of higher education. First of all if you are in high school Always start by consulting your high school’s guidance counselor or the financial aid office of the college you plan to attend. They often have information on local and institutional scholarships. You can also search on websites such as the Federal Student Aid which offer information on government sponsored grants and scholarships.

While there are ways to win money online, it’s important to be cautious and avoid sites promising guaranteed riches with minimal effort. Here are some options to consider, but remember that winning money online often involves an element of chance or competition:

Freelance Marketplaces

  • Platforms like Upwork or Fiverr: Offer your skills and services (writing, editing, graphic design, etc.) to clients for a fee. This is a legitimate way to earn money online by leveraging your existing skills. Your earnings depend on your skills, experience, and the project’s requirements.

Skill-Based Competitions

  • Esports Tournaments: If you’re a skilled gamer, you can participate in esports tournaments with cash prizes. However, the competition can be fierce.
  • Fantasy Sports: Assemble a virtual team of athletes and compete against others based on their real-life performance. There might be entry fees for some fantasy sports leagues, and winning payouts can vary.

Chance-Based Opportunities

  • Online Raffles or Contests: Some legitimate websites or businesses might run online raffles or contests with cash prizes. Look for reputable sources and be wary of anything that seems too good to be true.
  • Paid Surveys or Online Focus Groups: Some websites offer rewards for completing surveys or participating in online focus groups. However, these payouts are usually small, and the time commitment might not be worthwhile for the small rewards.

ScholarshipTab provides a list of the greatest scholarship websites for foreign students, which might be very handy if you’re looking for ways to study abroad.