Lockheed martin scholarship acceptance rate

Has anyone heard back about the scholarship yet? They mentioned that notifications would go out by the end of April, and since April is almost over, I’m starting to get anxious. This scholarship will play a big role in my college decision, and I need to commit by May 1st. I haven’t received any communication yet and I’m unsure if they will notify us by mail or email. Just wondering if anyone has received any updates.

They said notifications by end of April, so there’s still a chance it could come in the next few days. In my experience, scholarships usually notify by email, but it can vary. Maybe try shooting them a quick email after April ends (don’t want to bug them too early). Explain your situation (college decision by May 1st) and ask if there’s an update on notifications. Good luck! Hopefully it’s good news.

Don’t panic! Lockheed scholarship notifications might be staggered. Check spam and contact them politely if you don’t hear by end of April. Keep other college financial aid options open in the meantime. Good luck!