Looking for summer camps with scholarships for high school students?

I am a high school student (IB DP 1) studying abroad and looking for summer camps to attend during the summer break. I don’t have many places to go and have had trouble navigating the internet to find reliable options. Websites like Scholarship 789 seem scammy and unsafe.

I’m interested in finding summer camps for high school students, preferably in central Europe (near Hungary, Poland, or Austria) where I can visit relatives. I’m also open to options in East Asia, especially Japan, because I would love to experience the culture there. Honestly, I’m not too picky and just want to find some viable options.

If anyone has suggestions for summer camps or programs I can apply for, please let me know. Thank you!

regards meg howdy hope well listen to this,the national summer Science Program (NSSP) is offered by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It provides scholarships for high school students to conduct research in NIH labs

Finding a summer camp abroad is easy! Skip sketchy websites. In Europe (Hungary, Poland, Austria) check summer programs at universities or look for camps by AFS or World Wide Learning. In Japan, try KCP International or programs by US-Japan Council or Council on Int’l Educational Exchange. Ask your relatives for local camp ideas too! Most places have websites with details, so contact them if you have questions.

Hey, go into Standout Search; high school students can apply for internships there.