Please provide scholarship assistance

Hi everyone, this is one of my first posts on Usa Scholarship talk, so moderators, please forgive me if I’ve missed any rules.

I recently received acceptance to UCLA for engineering as an out-of-state student for the class of 2025. While I’ve received some grants for out-of-state students, covering the cost of UCLA still seems challenging. I’m reluctant to take out large loans, especially since my financial aid letter suggests loans amounting to around $40,000.

I’m hoping to learn more about scholarships from those who may have more information than I do. I’m open to any opportunities—whether numerous smaller scholarships or a few larger ones.

Could you please guide me on available scholarships? I understand it might be late, but are there any major scholarship applications currently open?

I was awarded the Alumni Scholarship in August after I committed to UCLA. Being in the Alumni Scholars Club has been one of the highlights of my time at UCLA, it’s an awesome and supportive family! I received $6,000, which is distributed as $500 per quarter.

UCLA’s School of Engineering (Samueli School of Engineering) has a scholarship program The UCLA Samueli Undergraduate Scholarships

The program is open all year round for all students including incoming freshmen like you.

The Engineering school’s scholarship opens around June until a given date, I am not quite sure.

Kindly check it out on the Uni’s website before it is too late