What are some good websites to look and/or apply for scholarships?

I live in a small town and my counselors haven’t given me solid information on scholarships or where to apply. They always say ‘there are scholarships out there for you, you just have to look.’ But where? My parents aren’t helping much; my dad doesn’t know about the college process, and my mom isn’t interested right now. Are there any websites or scholarships you recommend? I’m a senior, female, mixed Mexican and white, first generation, attending a small public school in Texas. My family’s income is just above the threshold for financial-based scholarships. Academically, I perform well, so merit-based scholarships seem like the way to go. My main extracurriculars are band, FCCLA, and various community service activities.

Is unigo.com trustworthy?

One nice one is bold.org. Additionally trustworthy resources are CollegeBoard’s scholarship page and scholarship360. Simply go through these websites until you find scholarships that you are interested in applying for and that meet the requirements. I organized all the links into a Google Doc to make them more accessible in the future.