What happened when dealing with the National Society of (Scholarship)?

Guys, you won’t believe what went down when I was dealing with the National Society of (Scholarship)! It’s like something out of a scammer’s playbook. Want to hear the whole story?

My sister and I both received those letters from the NSHSS as seniors in high school (our cumulative GPAs were between 3.49 and 3.75).

She joined, but I didn’t.

For her $60 membership fee, my sister received a patch for her letterman jacket, a pin, stickers with the NSHSS logo, and a cord to wear at graduation. She also got to add it to her college applications as a honor/club membership. She was invited to, but did not attend, the NSHSS conference in Washington, D.C…

After being admitted to college and walking at graduation, membership in NSHSS means very little. I’m not sure colleges take it very seriously, either, since there isn’t much history to it or competition to join.

I would not say it’s a scam, but joining the NSHSS doesn’t get you much.

When dealing with the National Society of (Scholarship), it was a complete scam. I did not attend my county’s high school since I got accepted into a governor’s school. Despite this, they sent me a letter congratulating me for my achievements in a school I never attended. It’s a scam.