What is the most scholarship someone has gotten?

I am curious what is the most scholarship someone has received? If you or someone you know has gotten a substantial scholarship, please share the information and any advice on how to apply for similar scholarships. Your expertise and advice would be highly appreciated!

Some students have received substantial scholarships, like full-ride awards covering tuition, fees, and living expenses, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. Notable examples include the Gates Millennium Scholarship and the Coca-Cola Scholars Program. To maximize your chances, start early, research extensively, and apply to a mix of scholarships based on academics, sports, community service, and unique talents. Tailor your applications to highlight your strengths and unique qualities.

My brother has gotten a local scholarship. It was through my parents’ workplace, specifically the union they belonged to.

Alabama. Rolling admissions and automatic stats-based full rides are nice.

It’s not common, but it’s talked about a lot, For instance- because nearly half of accepted students only have one medical school acceptance. Those who compare schools and scholarships usually have multiple offers, making them more competitive applicants. So…