What should sophomores know about applying for scholarships?

I’m currently a sophomore and feeling lost about where to start with scholarships. Can anyone offer advice on what I should prioritize and how to maximize my chances of securing scholarships?

I’ve heard scholarships are quite competitive, especially since I struggle with writing convincing essays and don’t have any standout achievements. All I have going for me are good grades (4.0 GPA). COVID-19 halted my extracurricular activities, so what can I do to improve my prospects? I’m not interested in sports or activities like Speech, which seem to require significant success.

Where are the best places to search for scholarships? Any recommended websites or resources?

If I want to secure significant funding, how many scholarships should I apply for? I’m unsure about my chances of success and want to avoid taking on too much debt for college.

Feel free to ask for more details if needed.


I’ve created the Ultimate Scholarship Guide video on YouTube (Channel name: Peace Arobieke). In the video, I cover everything you need to know about scholarships and how to secure a full-ride scholarship to any college. I discuss essential scholarship terms, where to find scholarships and recommended resources, effective ways to organize your scholarship applications, what to include in your applications, sample essay prompts and responses, valuable tips and tricks, common misconceptions, important reminders, strategies to enhance your applications, and a list of recommended scholarships to apply for. Be sure to check it out—it’s packed with helpful information! If you find it useful, please like and comment on the video!

Securing scholarships can be challenging but definitely achievable.

Your grades are impressive! I discuss strategies to enhance your application in the “How to Improve Your Application” section of the video.

I cover this topic extensively throughout the video.

Keep applying until you secure enough funding, don’t give up!

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I highly suggest starting a volunteer club at your school. Every scholarship and college application I’ve worked on has emphasized the importance of listing volunteer work or writing essays about community impact. Leading a volunteer club could also serve as a notable leadership experience. It’s a great way to stand out, and finding members won’t be difficult, as many students are looking for service opportunities, especially for organizations like NHS.