Which scholarships are less competitive?

I’m currently looking at scholarships for mainly overseas studies, and I know some scholarships are known to be very competitive, so I don’t think I can stand a chance, does anyone know about some less competitive government scholarships or maybe private ones?

I basically have a 90RP, but my portfolio isn’t really strong, which a lot of government scholarships require, so I don’t think I stand a big chance there, any advice on which scholarship I should try?


If you’re concerned about your competitiveness for government scholarships due to your portfolio, you might consider looking into private scholarships that prioritize different criteria. Some private scholarships focus less on academic achievements and more on personal qualities, extracurricular involvement, or community service. Look into organizations, companies, or foundations that offer scholarships aligned with your strengths and experiences. Additionally, consider applying for scholarships specific to your field of study or intended destination for overseas studies, as these may have fewer applicants and thus be less competitive.

@Christine Look at private scholarships aligned with your field or country of interest.

Also check into government scholarships like Australia Awards or Chevening, known for broader eligibility criteria.

Great Tips!.. @SarahScholarTalk

Thanks for the advice.

This is really helpful.

I’ll definitely look into private scholarships that focus on areas besides academics. Targeting scholarships in my field and destination is a great suggestion too. This opens up more options to consider.