Are there any big scholarships I can still apply for as a high school senior?

I’ve been tricked by a lot of the other scholarships I’ve applied for, and I’m wondering if there are still some bigger ones available.


whats up amanda, my take is ensure You Meet Scholarship Requirements by: thoroughly reviewing scholarship criteria and application guidelines.this will help you meet all deadlines and submit a comprehensive application package.

Scholarship hunting can definitely be a frustrating game, especially if you’ve encountered some scams. But trust me, there are still plenty of legit scholarships out there, and some of them are pretty hefty awards. Bigger scholarships tend to be more competitive, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot for your shot! Focus on scholarships that match your academic achievements, interests, and background. There are tons of resources online and through your school’s financial aid office to help you find scholarships that are a good fit.

Hello. The Barry Griswell Scholarship Initiative to Raise the Bar for Students is something I am aware of. It’s due on May 23 and costs $25,000. Additionally, there is the $10,000 NetDocuments Work Inspired Scholarship, which has a May 31 deadline.

I hope this is useful.

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Hello, Thank you; I may have to check them out.

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No problem at all. Kindly Check them out.

Take a look at Kaleidoscope at, a platform that aggregates a vast array of scholarship opportunities. It’s a valuable resource for anyone seeking financial aid for education, offering a user-friendly interface for both applicants and sponsors.