Are there any scholarships available for adults who have gone back to college?

Hey guys, so I’m 31 and decided to go back to college in 2019. I’m studying forensic psychology at ASU online with plans to go to law school after I graduate. The thing is, since I already attended college for a few years right after high school (but didn’t finish my degree), I’ve used up all my Pell Grants. Now, I’m only eligible for $6250 in loans per semester, which only covers tuition for 2 classes.

Do any of you know about scholarships for someone in my situation? At this rate, it’s going to take me like 10 years to graduate, and I’m really hoping to find some financial aid to help me out.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Currently, education is really expensive and most college students are suffering you are not the first one.
But there is actually a workaround for the same.
You can try maybe looking for a sponsor who can be willing to support you financially.
If there is no such person, then you can try asking the college administration if they have any scholarships for needy students or any other program to help.
Finally, you can look for any scholarships available and try applying maybe you can get luck who knows? Personally, I would suggest that you check these scholarships:

  • Ford Opportunity Program Scholarship
  • Executive Women International Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST)
  • Return2College Scholarship
  • Unigo $10,000 Scholarship

You can check online for any information about them and remember to always check the official pages to be safe from scammers.
Wish you well

Numerous scholarships cater to adults returning to school, offering financial aid regardless of age. Federal Grants like Pell Grants and FSEOG support students based on need, accessible through the FAFSA form. The Bernard Osher Foundation provides renewable scholarships up to $5,000 annually for adults aged 25 and above pursuing undergraduate completion programs. The Return2College Scholarship offers financial assistance to current and prospective undergraduate and graduate students, with applications available online. Additional resources include scholarship databases and financial aid offices.