Best places to apply for scholarships

I’m looking for sites were people actually win the money and not something like A site were you have a good chance to win and you don’t have to submit crazy amounts of information and write 3 essays. Any help is appreciated, thanks


If you’re seeking scholarships with a higher probability of success and without extensive requirements, there are a few options you might explore. One platform worth considering is It offers various scholarships with straightforward entry requirements, often involving activities like taking surveys, participating in quizzes, or signing up for newsletters. While the amounts may vary, it’s a legitimate avenue where winners are regularly announced.

Another option is They offer scholarships with relatively simple applications and a wide range of opportunities. While some scholarships might require essays or additional information, many others have more straightforward criteria, such as your interests, background, or intended major.

If you’re looking for sites where people have a good chance of winning money without having to jump through extensive hoops you may consider or

Yeah, @Sadie check out @SarahScholarTalk but all the sites Sadie has mentioned i recommend for diverse opportunities with simple applications.

But before you go for it keep on digging for more information