Best websites for scholarships

Hi everyone,
As I look at scholarships to assist pay for my college education, I’m a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices available. Though I’m aware that there are several websites offering scholarships, I’m unsure which ones are the most reliable or provide the greatest potential for obtaining pertinent opportunities. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me about any reliable websites to check out or if they have any experience searching for scholarships online. Any advice would be very appreciated, whether it be for broad scholarly resources or websites catered to certain populations or academic subjects.

These are reputable scholarship search websites I would recommend checking out:

  • - One of the largest and most established scholarship search sites. They have a huge database of opportunities and you can set up a personalized profile to receive notifications.
  • - Another large database with filtering options to search for scholarships based on your characteristics like major and year in school. They also have useful articles.
  • - In addition to college planning, CollegeBoard provides a scholarship search for opportunities through their organization.

Let me know if you need any other advice as you get started searching.

The best websites for scholarships include:

  • Going Merry
  • ScholarshipOwl
  • Bold
  • Cappex
  • Scholly
  • CareerOneStop

These websites allow you to filter, save profiles, and auto-match functionality.
This helps students find scholarships they’re eligible for easily.

Thanks for sharing these helpful resources! I’ve been particularly interested in scholarships for [mention your field of study or specific criteria]. Do any of these websites specialize in scholarships for [mention your field of study or criteria]?

Also, if I come across scholarship opportunities outside of these websites, how can I assess their legitimacy?

Hi there,
There are a few websites i would recommend for scholarships based on your interest, field of study and more


Lastly, I would advice you not to put any wrong information about yourself that would lead to cancellation of your scholarship. Try to be precise

Top Scholarship Search Platforms

1. categorizes scholarships into various unique sections, such as GPA, military affiliation, ethnicity, artistic ability, ACT or SAT score, and state of residence. Within these categories, you’ll find numerous subcategories, making it easier to locate niche awards with smaller applicant pools, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

2. Fastweb Fastweb aggregates awards from both major and minor directories. Creating a profile is required to search for scholarships, similar to other sites. Once signed up, you can easily search and filter scholarships based on multiple criteria. Fastweb also sends notifications for new scholarships matching your profile and upcoming deadlines.

3. College Board Familiar to those who have taken the SAT, AP tests, or other college entry exams, the College Board also offers a scholarship search tool to help you find awards for college. After creating an account, you can filter scholarships by interests, field of study, club affiliations, and specific situations like having divorced parents. The site also automatically matches you with eligible scholarships and features an autofill function to save time on applications.

4. Going Merry Going Merry streamlines the application process by allowing students to input their information once and apply for multiple scholarships simultaneously. This site also includes local awards, which tend to be less competitive and easier to win compared to national scholarships.

5. ScholarshipOwl ScholarshipOwl compiles awards and organizes them by amount, requirements, number of winners, and application deadlines. The site automatically resubmits your application to recurring scholarships that don’t need additional information, allowing you to focus on those that require essays and recommendation letters.

6. features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to search and filter scholarships by education level, award category, amount, and deadline. You can also filter for scholarships that don’t require essays by toggling the “no-essay” option.

7. Cappex Cappex claims to have the largest online scholarship database. Similar to other sites, you must create an account to see all the scholarships you qualify for. Cappex’s filter system allows you to sort awards by year in school, amount, gender, ethnicity, and deadline. You can also search for renewable scholarships that provide funding for multiple years.

8. Scholly Scholly uses an algorithm to match you with scholarships based on your profile. Each scholarship is given a Scholly score, indicating how well your background and experience fit the scholarship’s requirements. Higher scores suggest a better match.

9. CareerOneStop Managed by the U.S. Department of Labor, CareerOneStop lists over 8,000 scholarships. You can filter awards by keyword, amount, deadline, residing state, and the state where you’ll be studying. Scholarships are available for vocational school students, those pursuing associate degrees, and both undergraduate and graduate students.