Can I submit the same essay to multiple scholarship applications?

Hi there At the community college I attend in my area, there are numerous scholarships available. Students who wish to apply must complete an online form with a few targeted questions (major, classes taken, etc.) along with some general information. Subsequently, it suggests many scholarships that the student might qualify for, based on their responses. A few essays are required for each scholarship, and they can be submitted online through the college scholarship portal.

The majority of scholarships need the same standard essays: What are your long-term objectives? What challenges did you have to face and conquer? They also inquire about your volunteerism, community service, and other activities.

What is the likelihood that the same individuals will review these essays for more than one scholarship, I wonder?


Yes, you can! The key to staying sane during scholarship season is reusing applications. I talked more about this in my video. I made the Ultimate Scholarship Guide on YouTube (Channel: Peace Arobieke). In this video, I cover everything you need to know about scholarships and how to secure a full-ride scholarship to any college. I discuss important scholarship terms, where to find scholarships, and the resources I recommend. You’ll also learn the best ways to organize your scholarships, what to include in your applications, and see sample essay prompts and responses. I provide tips and tricks, debunk common misconceptions, highlight things to remember, and offer ways to improve your applications. Plus, I share a list of scholarships I recommend. Check it out! I think you’ll find it helpful. Don’t forget to like and comment if it helps!

Last year, we applied for more than 60 external scholarships for my son. We found that by making slight modifications, one essay could be repurposed for different applications. Make sure to meticulously follow the specific directions for each scholarship. Best of luck.

Indeed. Why not? Mostly different people will read them all.

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I concur with this individual. Just be sure to find out if there are any more questions needed for each scholarship.