Can you please suggest scholarships for adults over 25

Hi everyone, I hope this question isn’t redundant. My friend (25) is going back to college as a freshman. He had a brief stint in college, attending for one semester in 2017, but then dropped out. He’s now applying for financial aid, specifically aiming for a Pell Grant. However, I know how challenging it can be to secure one, so I’m looking for scholarships that he might be eligible for. Since he’s not a recent high school graduate, I’m unsure about his options. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

It’s awesome that your friend is heading back to school. For financial aid, beyond Pell Grants, there are scholarships out there for folks just like him. Check out Scholarships360 or the Scholarship Institute for lists of scholarships for students returning to college. Tell him to keep his chin up and apply to as many as he can – every application is a step closer to his goal.