Does Princeton offer athletic scholarships?

Does anyone have information on whether Princeton offer athletic scholarships?

I remember when I was considering colleges, and Princeton University was on my list due to their strong academic reputation and Ivy League status. As a student athlete, I was curious about athletic scholarships. I found out that Princeton, like all Ivy League schools, does not offer athletic scholarships. Instead, they provide need-based financial aid packages that can be quite generous, but these do not include athletic scholarships based on merit.

To answer your question directly, no, Princeton University does not offer athletic scholarships. Like other Ivy League institutions, Princeton focuses on need-based financial aid rather than providing scholarships specifically for athletics. This policy underscores their commitment to academic excellence and ensuring that financial need, rather than athletic ability, determines financial aid awards.

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It is not possible to get a sports grant from the Ivy League.

Unfortunately no, but other forms of academic scholarships are available

They do not offer it but they have need based and academic scholarships for athletes