GE Reagan Scholarship

Hi there, As a semifinalist for the GE Reagan scholarship, I was curious to know what proportion of candidates make it this far, and how many go on to be finalists. any broad information about how competitive it is as well. I am putting a lot of effort into my application, but I am not sure how anxious or excited I should be. :sweat_smile:


It appears that all of the applicants who have applied thus far have been approved. It seems a bit weird to me.


They refuse to notify individuals via email when they are denied. Rather, they will simply remain silent, and those individuals will ultimately forget about it.

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When I contacted to find out how many semifinalists they had, they indicated they were unable to provide that information. I also wanted to know when the materials were due because the site said February 5th and the email said February 15. She stated that the gateway will be updated shortly and confirmed that February 15th is the actual date. I asked them about the “eligible community leader” criterion as well, and they clarified that, provided they are unrelated to you, it might be a teacher, coach, work supervisor, or someone similar. I hope this is useful.

Hello, I was also admitted. I don’t believe it’s a competitive program. I had forgotten about my application until I received notification that I had been selected as a semifinalist.