Has anyone gotten scholarships or grants?

I asked my counselor for help, and she sent me a long email with links to apply for aid, which seemed like a standard template. Has anyone had success getting financial assistance? I’m in grad school and struggling, so I’m curious about others’ experiences. Thanks.

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While the links might be a starting point, have you considered following up with your counselor to discuss your specific situation?


Hey nasty_zacky, I totally understand the struggle. I’ve been in a similar situation. I found success by applying to a mix of smaller local scholarships and grants from professional organizations related to my field. I advise you try it may work for you too.


True :heavy_check_mark: He can also consider reaching out to the school’s financial aid office directly, they often have resources or emergency funds that aren’t widely advertised.


Grad school finances can be brutal! While your counselor’s email might feel impersonal, those links are a good starting point. I’ve definitely seen people succeed with financial aid in grad school. Scholarships and grants, especially for research or specific programs, can make a big difference. Don’t be discouraged if it takes some time and effort to apply – it can be worth it in the long run!