Has anyone heard back from Boston?

has anyone heard back from boston - either positive or negative? i am still waiting and am trying to decide if its worth reaching out to ask about the decision

I emailed them for an expedited decision a week ago but got ghosted so :confused:

No matter how many emails you write to them- they don’t respond they just :ghost: you… Just stop wasting your time from reaching out

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If you are waiting to hear back from Boston and you are unsure whether to reach out, it might be a good idea to check the typical timeline for hearing back from them. Some schools or programs have specific dates by which they aim to notify applicants, so it could be helpful to see if Boston has a similar policy. If you’re past that timeline or if there’s no specific date mentioned, it could be worth reaching out to inquire about the status of your application. They may be able to provide you with more information about when you can expect to hear back.

Sounds like they’re taking “ghosting” to a whole new level! Maybe it’s time to call in the Ghostbusters, or better yet, find a company that actually values communication. :no_entry_sign::ghost::speech_balloon:

That’s a practical approach! Checking the typical response timeline can save you from the anxiety of waiting indefinitely. If you’re past the expected date, reaching out sounds like a smart move to get some clarity. Keep those communication lines open! :clock3::email:

That’s frustrating! Being left in the limbo of unanswered emails can definitely be confusing. Maybe it’s time to follow up with a phone call—sometimes going old-school can get you the answers you need faster! :telephone_receiver: