How to apply for amazon scholarship

Hi!! I applied for the Amazon scholarship back in January. I’ve seen many people on this sub receiving their packages today, but I haven’t heard or received anything yet. I’m confident in my application since I have a lot of strengths (first-generation, Hispanic, got my recommendation from a computer science teacher, etc.).

It’s worth mentioning that my area experienced severe storms last week, which might have delayed deliveries. I’m really anxious about this scholarship because the money and internship would be incredibly helpful for me. Is anyone else in a similar situation right now?

Most people are saying the deadline is the end of May, so fingers crossed we hear something by then!

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Applying for scholarships is as simple as ABC. if you followed the application process directly, then there is no need for you to worry.
The delay may be because of two reasons:
First, the delay may be normal and you might receive your letter in a few days.
Secondly, the reason for you not receiving your letter can be that you were not selected for the scholarship.

If you are tired of waiting, you can contact the scholarship customer care to update you on the same.

It can be frustrating waiting for scholarship results. There could be a few reasons for the delay:

Normal Processing: The scholarship might have a longer processing time, which is normal.

Contacting Customer Care: If it’s been a while (check the application timeline), reaching out to scholarship customer care for an update can be helpful.

Remember, even if you don’t hear back about this specific scholarship, there are many other opportunities out there