How to write a personal statement for scholarships

Write a 750 word personal essay outlining your academic and career aspirations as well as why you think this award will help you.

Shall I begin by sharing a personal story? a broad assertion? begin with a conversation? or simply answer the question? I can respond to the prompt questions, but after reading online personal statements, I’m not sure what to think. Please help.

I have been here before, but no worries I got you buddy. Here are some options that helped me get a lot.
Here are your options:

  • Story: Open with a cool experience that shows your passion or goals.
  • Bold Statement: Start strong with what you want to achieve.
  • Conversation (tricky): Use a fictional chat to highlight your interests.
  • Answer Directly: Jump straight into your goals and why you deserve the award.

Pick the intro that feels most like YOU! Be yourself and let your passion shine.

1.what interesting about you 2. What you want to do in the program your current program has prepared you for the future program 4. Why you choose this school. I go in depth during this YouTube video check it out

You should also think about the award you’re aiming for. Your introduction can make a big effect if it fits with the award’s goals and requirements.

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You should respond to the prompt questions because this is what guides you on how you will write your statement. For example if the personal statement prompt question says start by introducing yourself, then this is how you should start your personal statement. Just follow the guide given to you. :grin:

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I totally agree with you

my teacher tells me this s tart by expressing your enthusiasm for applying for the scholarship. This will grab the reader’s attention and establish the tone for the rest of your statement.

In general, a good guideline would be:

  1. Begin with an engaging story about when you decided on your major, what influenced your decision, and how you arrived at it.
  2. Discuss the history that led to your decision, including how you were raised, childhood experiences, and why this major is significant to you.
  3. Outline the steps required to obtain your degree.
  4. Explain what you intend to do with your degree.
  5. Conclude by tying everything together in a final paragraph.