I am ambidextrous, can I apply for left-handed scholarships?

As the title indicates, I have two hands. While perusing scholarships, I came across few that catered to left-handed individuals. Since I use my right hand as well, am I unable to apply for these?

Additionally, if you are wondering which hand I use most, the answer is neither, it truly depends on the task at hand. I am not trying to be impolite, I have just heard that query much too frequently.


It depends on the question I have. Is it ethical? Probably not, since these scholarships are intended for left-handed people who face certain disadvantages (our world is primarily designed for right-handed individuals, which can lead to injuries or even death for left-handers). Being ambidextrous is an advantage. Can it be done? Yes. You could claim you use your left hand for writing and other tasks, which isn’t a lie if you do use your left hand occasionally.


Although it’s unethical, if you’re having trouble securing a scholarship and your tuition is about to expire, then…


When someone appears to be trying to confirm your eligibility, just start using your left hand.

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Not sure, really; it depends on the scholarship. Perhaps you should question them or read the fine print.