Is scholarships legit?

I found some scholarships on and I’m working on the essays. But I’m wondering if this website is really legit because it seems a bit sketchy.


As an adult trying to go back for my master’s, using Bold was a complete waste of time. I spent a lot of effort making a detailed profile and spent about six hours on each essay. Even though I’m a good writer, I was constantly beaten by young people with blank profiles and poor writing skills. One of the winners copied and pasted the same essay 14 times and won several times, despite the essay being irrelevant to many of the questions and full of run-on sentences and grammatical errors. My advice is not to waste too much time on it. It didn’t pay off for me. It seems like young people are chosen no matter what they write.


I can confidently say that is a legitimate scholarship platform. After researching and reviewing numerous online sources, including Reddit, verified reviews, and expert opinions, I found bold has a strong track record of awarding scholarships to students. The platform offers a wide range of scholarships, including no-essay scholarships, and provides a user-friendly interface for students to search and apply for relevant opportunities. Many students have reported positive experiences with Bold, winning scholarships and praising the site’s ease of use and transparency. Additionally, experts have confirmed that is trustworthy, recommending it as a valuable resource for students seeking financial aid.

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The scholarships offered by are real, yes. It is a trustworthy website that provides students with a range of scholarships. Scholarships, grants, and other financing possibilities are created in collaboration with individuals, organizations, and businesses. Often simpler to apply for than conventional scholarships, the platform’s purpose is to link students with financial aid alternatives.

Mixed Feedback:

Positive Feedback: Some users find valuable for discovering scholarships and appreciate its user-friendly interface.
Negative Feedback: Others express concerns about the competitiveness of scholarships or the time commitment required versus the perceived benefit.
Legitimate Platform, with Caveats:

Overall Assessment: is a legitimate platform that aggregates scholarships from diverse sources, with no indication of being a scam.
Scholarship Variation: However, the quality and legitimacy of the scholarships listed on can vary significantly. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research on each opportunity.
Tips for Using

Verify Scholarship Details: Always cross-reference the scholarship details found on with the official website of the scholarship provider to confirm validity and accuracy.
Identify Warning Signs: Be cautious of scholarships with unclear eligibility criteria, unusually short application windows, or requests for upfront payments. Legitimate scholarships typically do not require fees.
Explore Other Options: While can serve as a useful starting point, consider exploring scholarships directly through foundations, universities, or professional organizations related to your field of interest.

I agree. My daughter was awarded a $3,000 scholarship.