Is Bold scholarship legit?

I wrote an essay for a scholarship that was supposed to announce winners in November. But it’s already December, and they keep pushing back the announcement date. First, it was November, then December 6th. Now, on December 4th, they’re saying it’ll be announced on January 22nd. I think they might be tricking us to get our phone numbers for spam calls.

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Yes, is a genuine website that provides scholarships to high school and college students.

That’s incredibly frustrating.

The scholarship announcement keeps getting pushed back - first from November to December 6th, and now to January 22nd. It’s understandable to be suspicious about their motives, especially with the repeated delays and phone number requests.

Have you tried contacting the scholarship organizer directly?

A polite email inquiring about the reason for the delays might be helpful. You can ask for a more concrete timeline for the announcement.

Yes, is legit. I won a $500 scholarship through them.

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How did you manage to win a USD 500 scholarship through them, man?

Can you share the link?

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My family runs a scholarship through Bold. Not a scam but we get so many applicants statistically it would probably feel like it. I don’t know how the company runs or looks to applicants, but I can safely say it is credible so far.

Check on their Official Websites Look for the scholarship program’s official website.

It’s great to hear from someone directly involved with a scholarship provider like Bold! Your insight helps clarify the legitimacy of these opportunities, even when the competition is steep. It’s valuable for applicants to understand that high numbers of applicants make these scholarships challenging to win, but not impossible. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

@AZRAH Good Tip… Checking the official website is always a smart move! It’s the most reliable source for accurate details and application procedures for any scholarship program. Plus, it often bypasses the clutter of third-party sites.

@Molly12 That’s awesome to hear! Congratulations on winning the scholarship through

Yes, the scholarship platform is legitimate. It offers a variety of scholarships provided by different organizations and individuals aimed at various groups of students and needs. takes measures to ensure the legitimacy of the scholarships listed on their website, including a thorough vetting process. However, as with any scholarship or financial aid opportunity, it’s a good practice to research and verify the details yourself before applying, ensuring that the opportunity aligns with your goals and that you understand any requirements or conditions.

That one hasn’t helped because the coin has two sides so I don’t where mine will lie on

If you suspect the scholarship might be a scam, verify its legitimacy by researching the organization, contact them to inquire about the delays and express your concerns, avoid sharing sensitive information, and continue exploring other scholarship options. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from potential scams.

Totally feel your frustration! Repeated delays are suspicious, phone number requests raise red flags. Polite email asking for clear timeline and reason for delays is a good next step