Is going merry legitimate?

Has anyone won a scholarship through Going Merry or do you know someone who has?

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I think Going Merry is trustworthy! I recently received a scholarship through an application I sent in with them. Just make sure to research the scholarships you’re applying for, and you should be okay! Best of luck!

Two years ago, I applied to numerous scholarships, holding onto hope and prayers that I would win by this time. However, most of them are still listed as ‘Under Review’.

Is Going Merry A scam?.. :thinking:

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It is common for scholarships to take time to review applications. Going Merry is a legitimate platform that helps students find scholarships, but they don’t award scholarships themselves. If you are concerned about your applications, consider contacting the scholarship providers directly for an update.

That’s awesome, congratulations on snagging that scholarship! Going Merry clearly lived up to its name and brought you some financial cheer. :tada: Keep riding that scholarship sleigh—sounds like you’ve got the golden ticket strategy down! Best of luck scooping up more awards. :rocket: