Is MOS scholarship legit?

I’ve heard some people say that MOS is a scam and not worth it. However, if I’m using the free version, is there any harm in continuing? Has anyone actually won scholarships through MOS?

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Yes they are legit but the catch here is that, though it’s not fake, you just have an extremely low chance of winning . and you can apply to it, but think of it more as like, okay, I’m just doing this, whatever. because people do win them. but you should be focusing more on scholarships

Using the free version of MOS (Money Opps Scholarship) should generally be safe, as you’re not risking any money. MOS is a platform designed to help students find and apply for scholarships, and while some people may have mixed opinions about its effectiveness, there are students who have reported success in winning scholarships through the platform. If you find the service helpful in organizing your scholarship applications and discovering new opportunities, it can be worth continuing to use it. Just be sure to verify any scholarships you apply for independently to ensure they are legitimate. If you have any doubts or concerns, it might also be helpful to read reviews or seek feedback from other users who have used the platform.