Is Nike HSI scholarship legit?

Hey all, I got an email about a scholarship I don’t know. They say it’s managed by HSF. I searched online but found nothing. Is it real? It looks like the HSF website but usually, students find scholarships, not the other way around. They say they’ll give 5k-10k rewards. Website.

The HSF has solidified its reputation as a credible and dependable organization within the education sector.

What makes the HSF so credible and dependable?

Is there a specific area within education where they’re particularly well-regarded?

Is this a one time payment scholarship?

@Barbara Receiving unexpected scholarship offers, like the one you mentioned from an organization claiming to be the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), warrants caution.

To verify its legitimacy, compare the website’s URL with the official HSF site for discrepancies and directly contact HSF using official contact information, not what’s provided in the email.

Legitimate scholarships never require payment or sensitive personal information upfront.

If you find no online presence or reviews and notice grammar errors, it’s likely a scam.

When in doubt, it’s safest to search for other, well-documented scholarships to apply for, ensuring your personal information remains secure.