Is Raiseme legit?

Hey everyone, I’m new to posting so sorry if I make any big mistakes.

I found this cool app/website called Raise Me. It seems really good, but maybe it’s too good to be true.

You put in things like your grades and activities, and you pick colleges you like. These colleges give you small scholarships that you’re supposed to get if you go to that college.

It sounds like a great way to save money on college, but I’m not sure if it’s reliable. Has anyone used Did you actually get the scholarship money after going to one of the colleges?

I’d appreciate any advice, thanks!

Here’s the website link: website link


RaiseMe can be a helpful tool for earning micro-scholarships based on your achievements. Many students have reported success in receiving scholarship money from colleges they’ve chosen on the platform. However, it’s essential to verify each college’s policies regarding these scholarships to ensure reliability.

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Extremely Reputable. RaiseMe is a well-regarded resource for high school students seeking scholarships.

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RaiseMe is a real scholarship website. It’s clear about what it does and can help high school students start thinking about college early. This might make them focus more on learning and joining in extracurricular activities. The program has a lot of money from trustworthy sources, and each of the 140 schools in it gives money to help cover some of the scholarship costs.