Is Sallie Mae Scholarship Legitimate

Hey all, I’m swamped with college applications and just saw the Sallie Mae scholarships. They offer a bunch of money, but scholarship scams are everywhere these days. Anyone have experience with them? Are they on the level or should I steer clear? Trying to be smart about where I put my application energy. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Yes, the Sallie Mae scholarship is a legitimate and valuable opportunity for students to obtain financial aid for college. The scholarship has specific eligibility criteria, and recipients are selected fairly. I know several students who have successfully used this scholarship to help pay for their education.


Yes, it’s real and a good way to get college money. They have rules to follow and choose winners fairly. Some students I know have used it to help pay for school.


Based on my experience, they are not.

When I tried to submit my application, I found that the button didn’t work. So, yeah… Not sure about their legitimacy. But, it doesn’t work.

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It’s an institution that provides private college loans. They likely offer college scholarships that can provide discounts on the loans they offer.

Yes, they are a reputable organization that helps students achieve they education dreams