Is trustworthy?

Hey everyone! So, I’m just starting to look into scholarships. With only one year left of high school, I’ll be diving into college applications before summer’s end. I came across, but I’m a bit hesitant. It asked for my address when I was setting up an account, which seemed a bit sketchy to me.

Before I go ahead and finish creating my account, I wanted to see if anyone knows if is legit? And if not, do you have any recommendations for other trustworthy scholarship websites or offers? I’ve heard of Niche too, but I haven’t explored it much yet.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Yeah, is totally legit! But just a heads up, a lot of the scholarships there are super specific to certain niches. To find ones you might qualify for, check out the “scholarship directory” button at the top right. Oh, and make sure you scroll down carefully and avoid clicking on anything that says “Ad.”


Thanks! I’ll make an account and look into the stuff I can apply for.
Stay blessed Waffl3s :pray:

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You’re welcome Dolp! :facepunch:

I totally get your hesitation about giving out your address online. When I first started looking for scholarships, I was cautious too. The good news is that is a legit site. I used it myself and found some scholarship opportunities that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. They do ask for your address, but it’s to personalize your search is legit! They match you with scholarships, but needing your address is normal.

Niche is good too,but do research on both & consider these:

Good luck!

Yes!.. Scholarships. com is legit, before you apply do research… is legit! It asks for your address to match you with scholarships. Niche is good too. Both are safe bets to start your search. Good luck!

Yes, is a reputable organization that provides valuable resources for students seeking financial aid for education.
They offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities and helpful guidance throughout the application process. sounds like a treasure trove for cash-strapped students! Who knew the elusive money tree grew there? :deciduous_tree::money_with_wings:

Its a real deal @Molly12 but just make sure to do your homework before diving in. You wouldn’t marry someone before the first date, right? :wink:

Im Glad worked out for you! @EvansBrown1 but know going through those forms can feel like the first round of a game show :smile::game_die: