List of scholarship websites that are legitimate

I have been exploring resources like and Niche to find scholarships, but I would love to expand my search.

Does anyone have suggestions for additional scholarship resources or helpful websites?

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hi brother here are a list of legitimate websites according to my research you could evaluate them through your sources
Scholarships.com1: This website categorizes scholarships according to a number of distinct factors, including GPA, military status, ethnicity, creative talent, and more. Students can use it to locate specialized rewards with smaller candidate pools.
Fastweb1: Fastweb compiles accolades from directories of all sizes. You can quickly search for scholarships and filter results based on different criteria after creating a profile. Additionally, Fastweb alerts you of impending deadlines and new scholarships that fit your profile.Scholly2: Another great resource is Scholly. It offers a simple platform for searching for scholarships and suggests matches based on your profile.
GoingMerry2: By enabling you to apply for several scholarships with a single application, GoingMerry simplifies the scholarship application procedure. It works well and is convenient.
Scholarship Owl2: Scholarship Owl facilitates your simultaneous application

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Finding scholarships can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! You’re on the right track with and Niche. Here’s how to expand your search:

  • Free scholarship websites: Try Fastweb,, or Going Merry. These let you make a profile to find scholarships that match your interests.
  • College websites: Many colleges offer their own scholarships! Check their financial aid office for resources too.
  • Local groups: Look into scholarships offered by clubs, businesses, or even civic groups in your area.
  • Government websites: The Department of Education [] offers scholarships, and your state might too!
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Academy of Pace Scholarship. It’s a Facebook page. Every day, they publish scholarships. They have books on scholarships as well. A useful resource is The Ultimate Scholarship Guide.

hi buddy my advice is before applying for a scholarship, ensure the legitimacy of the scholarship organization by conducting thorough research.