Nike HSI Scholarship

I recently got an email about this scholarship. I have never heard of it, and supposedly it is managed by HSF. Tried googling it, but I have not gotten any search results. Is it legit? To be fair it does have a similar format as the HSF website, but most scholarships usually don’t look for students, it usually the other way around. And they’re claiming to give out rewards for 5k-10k. Website

Hmm, that does sound a bit fishy. It’s always important to be cautious when it comes to scholarships, especially if you haven’t heard of them before and can’t find much information online.

The fact that you couldn’t find any search results for the Nike HSI Scholarship Program is definitely a red flag. Legitimate scholarships usually have a presence online and are well-known within the education community.

It’s also unusual for scholarships to actively seek out students, as you mentioned. Typically, students are the ones applying for scholarships, not the other way around.

While the format of the email may resemble the HSF website, it’s still worth verifying the legitimacy of the scholarship program. You could try reaching out to HSF directly to inquire about the Nike HSI Scholarship Program and see if they have any information about it

Yes, Niche scholarships are indeed legitimate! Yes! Niche grants prizes monthly and annually to students and families throughout the United States. If you’re curious about some of our past winners, you’re welcome to visit the winners page for more information.