Scholarship websites for high school seniors

Hey there!

I am a high school senior looking for scholarships.

I have found some websites that offer them, but I’m not sure if they’re trustworthy.

If you know of any reliable websites with lists of scholarships, could you please share them with me? If you need any information from me, just let me know.



Fastweb is one of the largest and most frequently updated scholarship databases. It matches scholarships with your profile based on your interests, strengths, and skills.


Fastweb’s scholarship database is comprehensive and includes scholarships for college and trade school.

It covers various fields of study, majors, and subjects, allowing you to find scholarships specific to your academic pursuits.

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I can feel your frustration! worry no more, my friend tried Scholarships360 guess what he got in. This holarship360 offers personalized scholarships and expert advice for college and graduate school.

They provide scholarship lists by state, major, and demographics.

They also have a free scholarship search tool that matches… Just try that one out.

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Thanks for sharing your friend’s experience! Scholarships360 sounds promising with personalized scholarships and expert advice.

Also, i can recommend @Hakeem Try, it allows students to receive “micro-scholarships” for top colleges and universities that are partners.

But its disadvantage is not all schools accept scholarships

So you will be forced to check out if your school accepted

@Hakeem For high school seniors looking for scholarships try Cappex. Here high school seniors can make a profile to find scholarships matching their qualifications. Cappex also offers college reviews and admissions information.

But do you know Fastweb scholarships are only available to U.S. citizens or legal residents with a valid social security number? This has excluded those who live in the USA without such documents. So it will limit others who have a GOOD GRADES

This is interesting.