Scholarships for adult students review

Hi everyone, I’m sorry if this has been asked before. My boyfriend, who is 25 years old, is going back to college as a freshman. He tried once before in 2017 but had to stop after one semester because he failed. Now, he’s applying for financial aid to get a Pell Grant. But I know those are tough to get, so I want to help him find scholarships he can apply for. Since he’s not fresh out of high school, I’m not sure what his options are. Any help would be really appreciated!

@Donna Age doesn’t limit scholarships. Your boyfriend can search for “adult learner” or “non-traditional student” scholarships.

Good luck

Age doesn’t limit scholarships @Donna Your boyfriend will get a scholarship as long as he tries non-traditional student or adult learner


Don’t worry, age is okay! Your boyfriend (25) can search for scholarships and he will get that one that fits him online.

Great 4 him for returning to school… for returning students!