Scholarships for Single Parents/Single Mothers

My older sister, who is a mom to my niece and nephew, wants to go back to school to get her associate’s degree in Applied Psychology and later pursue a degree in Social work. As the first in my family to get a degree, I know the basics about helping her reach out to financial aid (she grew up in foster care), speak with an academic counselor, apply for scholarships, and make sure that she can get financial aid with going back to school.

As she is the female head of household and has been raising my niece and nephew on her own, I know about the scholarships in my state, but want to really help her and make sure she feels supported and set up for success.

With that, does anyone know of any scholarships that assist single parents or single mothers with pursue a degree? Any advice helps.

It’s wonderful that you’re looking to support your sister’s educational aspirations. There are several scholarships and financial aid options specifically designed to help single parents and single mothers further their education. Here’s a brief overview of some resources that could be beneficial:

  1. Scholarships360 lists the top 30 scholarships for moms and single moms as of April 2024, which could be a great starting point for finding financial support for your sister’s degree in Applied Psychology and Social Work.

  2. Going Merry offers a curated list of 20 scholarships for students from single-parent households, which might include awards that your sister could be eligible for.

  3. provides a comprehensive directory of college scholarships for single parents, where you can browse by amount, due date, and eligibility criteria.

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Your sister’s determination to pursue her education while being a single parent is truly admirable, and it’s fantastic that you’re stepping in to help her navigate the process. There are indeed scholarships specifically designed to assist single parents, including single mothers, in pursuing their educational goals.

One option to consider is the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship, which provides financial assistance to low-income women, especially those who are mothers.

Additionally, the Raise the Nation Foundation offers scholarships to single parent women, including single mothers, to help them achieve their academic dreams.

This compilation of scholarships for single mothers highlights unique new scholarships available exclusively on