Should I join the National Society of College Scholars (NSCS)? Is it legit?

Hey, I got an email from them using my community college email. They say they’re a group that doesn’t make money for themselves and can give you more scholarship money and chances to connect with colleges. But you have to pay $97 to join.

Did anyone join and find it helpful? Are the scholarships they offer good? Do you have to pay extra fees to apply for the scholarships?

Scholarship email with a fee? Hold on! Reputable scholarships are FREE to apply for. Community college emails are scam targets. Check with your school’s financial aid office or use free resources like [fastweb scholarship search ON] or [bigfuture college board scholarship ON The College Board]. Don’t pay to win!

It’s wise to be cautious of offers like this. Legitimate scholarship programs usually don’t require a fee to join or apply. Research the organization, check for reviews or complaints, and consult your college’s financial aid office for advice.