Top ten reasons you should get this scholarship - Top Ten List Scholarship

Applications for the Unigo Top Ten List Scholarship are being accepted through December 31st!

All you have to do to apply is tell us your top ten reasons for being outstanding and deserving of the award. If you can keep your answers within 250 words and in the top ten list format, you will have a chance to win this $1,500 scholarship. Submissions that are witty, emotional, or innovative in any other way are welcomed.

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The Unigo Top Ten List Scholarship accepts applications until December 31st. To apply, please provide your top ten reasons for being great in 250 words or less. Be imaginative, humorous, and innovative in your comments. Whether it’s your love of study, community engagement, leadership abilities, or ability to overcome obstacles, make sure you highlight what makes you unique. Don’t forget to add some humour! Good luck, and may your scholarship wishes come true.