What are the key criteria and application deadlines for graduate scholarships listed in the USASCHOLARSHIPTALK post?

Hey everyone! I’m heading into my second year of grad school and unfortunately need to take out loans. Does anyone have any info or links to scholarships specifically for graduate students? I’m particularly interested in knowing what criteria they look for and when the application deadlines are.

Thanks a bunch.


For anyone watching this in the future, I highly suggest looking into fellowships designed for graduate students. These often cover your tuition and provide a generous stipend. I recently received one myself and would be happy to help with any questions you might have.


But if the opportunity is still available, I’m curious if you utilized a database to discover your Fellowship? As a first-generation student navigating how to finance my education next year, any information would be incredibly valuable to me!


No worries at all, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile: to answer your question, I was made aware by my engineering department head (I had no clue what fellowships were or that they existed before then)

If you’re going for masters there only a few but great news is that MOST stack: some off the top of my head are GEM, DoD SMART, and NSF Fellowships

If you’re going for PhD there is a TON. Keep in mind most deadlines are August-ish, so try to apply early for the next year. Just grind it out, stack fellowships and rake in a ton of money to support your education.

You’ll also be provided with internships with fellowships and a lifetime powerful network to other fellows and organizers. Don’t doubt yourself, apply for all of them, even if you land only one you’ve done an incredible job.


Hey there! I’m curious if you know of anyone who has received any graduate scholarships for MPA/public policy/public service programs? I’m particularly interested in merit-based opportunities since I don’t qualify for need-based aid.

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Are you referring to Master’s or Doctorate programs?