What are the top scholarship websites?

You know, I’ve been checking out some scholarship websites lately, but it seems like a lot of them might be scams. I even tried applying to one called Scholarship 360, where I poured my heart out about needing the money to escape my abusive household and help my mom, but I didn’t even get a rejection response. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

I’ve been considering giving Bold.org a shot instead, but then I stumbled upon some Reddit comments talking about bots on the website, and now I’m second-guessing it.

So, what’s your take on Bold.org?

Do you think it’s legit?

Or do you know of any other websites that might be worth checking out? I’m a college student about to transfer, and I really need some financial help since I can’t work off-campus and all the delivery jobs in my small town are already taken.

Any recommendation?


Sure thing! You might want to check out Studentscholarships, Goingmerry, Jlvconsulting.com, and Scholarship America for some reliable scholarship options. Also, keep an eye on Instagram pages like scholarshipmoneyforstudents and xollegepass for any new scholarship opportunities popping up.

Hope this helps you out!


Thank you. I’ll try them out and I hope they are legit!

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Feel free to check out our scholarship organization! We’re fairly new to the scene, so we get it if there are doubts, but we’ve been working hard to build trust. Take a peek at our profile and you’ll find some of our past posts. And hey, if you want to chat directly, don’t hesitate to send us a private message or shoot us an email at kcpscholarsfund@gmail.com.

We’re here to help!

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Good idea to Gabbana! :facepunch:

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Thank you, I’ll check you guys out for sure!
But I hope you’re not another scamming organization…!

Thank you for the information

That sounds tough, and scholarship scams can be frustrating.

Here’s the deal:

Good luck!

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Bold.org is a legitimate platform offering scholarships to various students. While concerns like bots are common in digital platforms, Bold.org maintains a positive reputation for connecting students with financial aid. For safe scholarship searches, also consider reputable sites like Fastweb, Scholarships.com, and the College Board’s Scholarship Search. Each provides a wide range of opportunities, ensuring you find scholarships suited to your situation. Always research and verify each opportunity for safety.

There are several reputable scholarship websites that students can use to search for and apply to scholarships. Some of the top scholarship websites include:

  1. Fastweb: Fastweb is one of the largest scholarship search engines, offering a vast database of scholarships tailored to students’ individual profiles and preferences.
  2. Scholarships.com: Similar to Fastweb, Scholarships.com provides a comprehensive database of scholarships, as well as personalized scholarship matches based on students’ profiles.
  3. College Board’s BigFuture: BigFuture, operated by the College Board, offers a scholarship search tool along with other resources for college planning, including information on colleges, majors, and financial aid.
  4. Cappex: Cappex provides a scholarship search engine along with college profiles, reviews, and admission information to help students navigate the college application process.
  5. Niche: Formerly known as College Prowler, Niche offers a scholarship search tool along with college rankings, reviews, and other resources.
  6. Unigo: Unigo features a scholarship search engine, as well as college reviews, student testimonials, and college rankings.
  7. Scholarship Monkey: Scholarship Monkey allows students to search for scholarships based on various criteria, including academic major, location, and demographic characteristics.
  8. Chegg Scholarships: Chegg offers a scholarship search engine along with other student resources, such as textbook rentals, homework help, and internship opportunities.
  9. Peterson’s: Peterson’s provides a scholarship search tool, college guides, test preparation resources, and other educational materials.
  10. CareerOneStop: Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, CareerOneStop offers a scholarship search tool along with career exploration resources and job search assistance.

These scholarship websites can be valuable resources for students seeking financial aid for college. It’s important for students to create profiles on these websites, regularly search for new scholarship opportunities, and carefully review the eligibility criteria and application requirements for each scholarship.

There are several top scholarship websites that can help you find the right scholarships for your needs.

Here are some of the best ones:

1.Scholarships.com: This site divides scholarships by a variety of unique categories, including GPA, military affiliation, ethnicity, artistic ability, ACT or SAT score, and residing state.

2.Fastweb: Known for aggregating awards from both large and small directories, Fastweb notifies you when new scholarships matching your profile are posted.

3.College Board: Offers a scholarship matching tool and is best for getting matched with scholarships.

4.Bold.org: Exclusive scholarships that you won’t find on other sites, with a sleek user interface3.

5.Going Merry: Best for searching local awards and offers a simple application process.

6.ScholarshipOwl: Known for automation and helping streamline the scholarship application process.

Great tip @Christine